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Your spaceship can't stop firing missiles! Move your ship in three directions to avoid getting hit by your own missiles as they fly around the screen. When you run out of lives, it is game over. How long did you last?

EPR is my third game. It was originally a two player game, at which point the title made more sense. This time it has some weird sounds!

There are two known bugs:

1) It is very occasionally possible to get wedged at the edge of the screen. This happens if you get hit by a missile when you are in that position and is, I think, a result of the screenshake effect making your spaceship jump fractionally outside of the playing area.

2) The more serious bug is that if you are stationary, quite often your missiles will apparently hit you as they spawn. The solution is to keep moving. I have scoured the code to try and work out why this happens with no success. The source code is in the .zip file. So if anyone else wants to have a look, feel free!


EPR-release.zip 948 kB